Established in 1999, the RA is supported by an international network of member institutions that includes universities, government, and non-government agencies. The Board of Members includes a representative from each member organization. An Executive Director oversees the administrative structure of the Alliance, an Alliance Science Leader directs the research program, and a Senior Research Fellow co-ordinates collaborative research synthesis, communications and outreach.

Dr. Phil Taylor
Executive Director Resilience Alliance &
Professor, Acadia University 



Dr. Lance Gunderson  
Chair of the Board 
Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia 




Dr. Christo Fabricius
Science Leader
Nelson Mandela Metroplitan University, South Africa


Dr. Allyson Quinlan
Senior Research Fellow




Dr. C.S. Buzz Holling
Founding Director &
Emeritus Eminent Scholar and Professor in Ecological Sciences, University of Florida

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