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Photo Nick Abel
CSIRO, Australia
RA Fellow  
Craig Allen
RA Member  
Photo David Angeler
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden
RA Member resilience, transdiciplinary research, ecology, social-ecological systems  
Photo Xavier Basurto
Duke University, United States
RA Member  
Photo Elena Bennett
McGill University, Canada
RA Member ecosystem services, social-ecological systems, multifunctional landscapes, historical ecology, ecosystem ecology, landscape ecology  
Photo Oonsie Biggs
Stockholm Resilience Centre, Sweden
RA Member  
Photo Orjan Bodin
Stockholm University/Stockholm Resilience Centre, Sweden
RA Member  
Aurelie Botta

RA Member  
Photo Francois Bousquet
RA Member Inter-cultural relationships, plurality of perspectives, resource management, social and ecological systems, agent-based modelling, companion modelling,  
Buz Brock
university of wisconsin, United States
RA Fellow  
Page 1 of 6 (53 records)