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Senior Research Fellow, Resilience Alliance

Allyson is responsible coordinating activities among RA members, research synthesis, developing programs and managing communications. She contributes to both the RA's organizational effectiveness and research extension.

Allyson has played a key role in developing resilience assessment tools and focuses on the practical application of resilience thinking in a variety of contexts. She has contributed to a number of collaborative initiatives including: developing the RA's resilience assessment workbook for practitioners, conducting participatory assessments, developing education resources & field course instruction, community engagement & future scenario processes. She has participated in dialogues as an Agropolis Foundation Fellow, mentored graduate students, contributed to the Arctic Resilience Report and is part of the team developing Wayfiner, a guide to resilience assessment in the Anthropocene, under the GRAID program at the Stockholm Resilience Center.

Key research Interests: resilience assessment, measuring resilience, ecosystem services, collaborative practices

Skype: aquinlan2

Member Since: 2002