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Photo Nick Abel
CSIRO, Australia
RA Fellow  
Photo Karina Benessaiah
Arizona State University, United States
RA Young Scholar adaptation, transformations, social-ecological, crisis, livelihoods, agency, human wellbeing, ecosystem services, teleconnections, governance  
Photo Elena Bennett
McGill University, Canada
RA Member ecosystem services, social-ecological systems, multifunctional landscapes, historical ecology, ecosystem ecology, landscape ecology  
Photo Oonsie Biggs
Stockholm Resilience Centre, Sweden
RA Member  
Photo Orjan Bodin
Stockholm University/Stockholm Resilience Centre, Sweden
RA Member  
Aurelie Botta

RA Member  
Buz Brock
university of wisconsin, United States
RA Fellow  
Photo Jenn Burt
Simon Fraser University, Canada
RA Young Scholar kelp forest ecology, regime shifts, adaptive capacity, social adaptation, resilience assessment, marine planning  
Photo Steve Carpenter
University of Wisconsin, United States
RA Fellow  
Photo Brian Chaffin
University of Montana, United States
RA Member adaptive governance, transformative governance, hydrosocial cycle, social science for environmental justice  
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