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Researcher, Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University

My Sellberg is a postdoctoral researcher at Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University, with two main interests: transformations to sustainable and resilient food systems, and application of resilience thinking in societal and environmental planning at the local and regional level.

She did her PhD in Sustainability Science at Stockholm Resilience Centre on the main topic of advancing resilience practice, particularly in local and regional work with sustainable development and natural resource management with case studies mainly from Sweden and Australia. Sellberg's research is transdisciplinary and with competence in process facilitation she engages actors outside of academia in co-producing knowledge. In 2019, Sellberg developed a pilot training program in resilience aimed at civil servants from municipalities, county councils, and regions in Sweden. The project served to translate resilience practice approaches and methods to a Swedish governance context.

In her current work, Sellberg engages local and regional actors to collaborate on how to enable transformations to sustainable and resilient food systems. Her ambition is to build a long-term transdisciplinary case study in the Stockholm region in Sweden. Sellberg's food systems research explores city-region food systems, food planning and governance, the role of crises such as Covid-19, and small-scale food innovations using the approach of the Seeds of Good Anthropocenes - an international sustainability project. She also teaches how to apply resilience thinking through, for example, participatory resilience assessment based on the approach in Wayfinder, at Stockholm Resilience Centre and as a guest lecturer.

Key research Interests: Resilience assessment, planning and practice; Sustainability transformations; Food systems; Transdisciplinary research

Member Since: 2016