News > Resilience Alliance Annual Science Meeting

The RA research network held a 4-day science meeting in Oracle, Arizona last month to advance projects on the theme of resilience assessment.

The annual science meeting was finally back to an in-person event and provided an opportunity for members of the Resilience Alliance network to make progress on projects and working groups supported by a grant from The Rasmussen Foundation. A multi-year project "Strengthening the theoretical basis of resilience in practice", aims to develop a toolbox for resilience measurement and assessment that can advance resilience scholarship and real-world practice.

A key component of this project involves support for early-career researchers to develop international working groups to collaborate on multi-disciplinary research initiatives. The science meeting provided an opportunity for these research teams to work together in person as well as form new working groups under the broad theme of resilience practice. Focus topics include: modelling and measuring resilience, a review of resilience assessment guides, AI applications in social-ecological systems, building a community of practice for applying resilience thinking, exploring pathway diversity, spatial regimes and leading indicators, and dealing with entrenched systems. 

A local field visit to Biosphere 2 proved both entertaining and insightful!