News > Social-ecological change in the Omo-Turkana basin: A synthesis of current developments

Jennifer Hodbod and Edward G.J. Stevenson along with co-authors synthesize impacts of the Gibe III dam and large-scale commercial farming in Ethiopia using a social-ecological systems and political ecology framework.

Drawing upon the work of a multi-disciplinary network of researchers focused on the Omo-Turkana basin in Ethiopia, lead authors Hodbod and Stevenson describe early and potential future impacts of the Gibe III dam on surrounding communities and ecosystems in Ethiopia and Kenya. Using an ecosystem services framework the authors disaggregate impacts among different groups of people to illustrate which groups benefit and which groups bear the majority of the costs of development in the area. Published in Ambio, the review offers an integrated perspective on social-ecological change that combines a systems approach with a political ecology framework.


Hodbod, J. E.G.J. Stevenson, G. Akall, T. Akuja, I.A. Bedasso, L. Buffavand, S. Derbyshire, I. Eulenberger, N. Gownaris, B. Kamski, A. Kurew, M. Lukuruka, M.F. Mulugeta, D. Okenwa, C. Rodgers, E. Tebbs. 2019. Social-ecological change in the Imo-Turkana basin: A synthesis of current developments. Ambio