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Carl Folke on the evolution of resilience research and thinking over 40 years, republished in Ecology & Society.

Just in time for holiday reading - here is your chance to get up to date on 40 years of resilience research. Carl Folke, Science Director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre, and a leading scholar of resilience and social-ecological systems, has written a comprehensive summary of resilience for the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Environmental Science that has now been re-published in Ecology and Society.

The paper follows a natural arc beginning with the foundational work on ecological resilience from Buzz Holling, next making the connection to integrated social-ecological systems as complex adaptive systems, followed by the less chartered area of the Anthropocene, making a strong case for building resilience to the unknown and unexpected.

Folke concludes by emphasizing how resilience thinking is embedded in the capacity of the biosphere to sustain development and human well-being.

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Original article:
Folke, C. 2016. "Resilience" of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Environmental Science (

Republished in Ecology & Society:

Folke, C. 2016. Resilience (Republished). Ecology and Society 21(4):44.