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Graduate Research Assistant, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

My research interests include soil microbial ecology, controls on soil carbon movement, grassland ecology, and how disturbance alters ecological processes in grassland ecosystems. I'm also interested in how systems of nature and people function as a single, complex entity. While systems of soil and systems of people appear very different, there are some surprising structural similarities between the two. Both systems are comprised of multiple components that tend to form clusters due to similar process rates and sizes, creating discrete scales in space and times. By using resilience theory as a framework to organize information from complex systems responding to disturbance, I try to ask -and answer -tough questions about grassland systems, natural resources management, ecosystem services production, soil ecology, and food production in a rapidly changing planet.

Key research Interests: soil microbial ecology, carbon sequestration, grassland ecology, disturbance ecology, soil resilience

Member Since: 2016