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Doctoral Candidate, Simon Fraser University

I am a marine ecologist at Simon Fraser University with interests in kelp forest ecology, resilience and adaptation in coastal communities, and marine planning. My PhD research is focused on understanding the ecological and social transitions that are occurring as sea otters return to rocky reef ecosystems in British Columbia, Canada. I am studying how subtidal invertebrate and kelp communities shift when sea otters move into an area, how long these shifts take to happen, and what mechanisms cause these dramatic changes. I also work with coastal communities to understand how kelp forest ecosystems are valued and how community members envision negotiating trade-offs and adapting to change as sea otter populations recover.

I'm also interested in coastal planning initiatives, and how communities, governments, NGOs and industry can work together to achieve better ecosystem-based management. Prior to my PhD, I was the Marine Planning Coordinator at the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society where I worked to strengthen protected area planning, encourage science-based management, and advance many regional marine planning processes. I have a masters degree in Pacific salmon ecology from UBC, and have also directed, designed and taught marine biology and conservation education programs and courses. I have considerable experience in community engagement and facilitation. I love working with people and finding creative ways to bring them together to think, learn, and share ideas and passion.

Key research Interests: kelp forest ecology, regime shifts, adaptive capacity, social adaptation, resilience assessment, marine planning

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