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Senior Scientist, Conservation Science Partners/Simon Fraser University

Maureen (Mo) co-leads the Wetlands Adaptation Group, a multi-institution collaborative research group focused on advancing wetlands science and conservation in the face of climate change, and co-leads the Innovation Lab at Conservation Science Partners. Through freelance projects, Mo also has considerable experience working at the interface of policy, communications, leadership development, and innovation (e.g. Science Integrity Project in Canada; SFU-led multidisciplinary scientists' call for an oil sands moratorium; leadership development facilitation with the Conservation Leadership Programme, Smith Fellows Program, and others). Her primary interests include:

impacts of hydrologic change and climate change on freshwater wetlands
amphibian ecology and evolution
applications and tests of ecological theory to enhance conservation strategies
effects of energy development on wetlands
creativity and innovation in conservation
applications of science to policy

Key research Interests: freshwater wetlands, amphibians, climate change, ecological theory, innovation, leadership development, policy, science communications

Skype: maureen.em.ryan

Member Since: 2016