Announcements > University of Michigan Postdoctoral Fellow: Wildland Fire and Human Health

University of Michigan's School for Environment and Sustainability invites applications for a Postdoctoral
Research Fellowship to investigate human health, health equity, and environmental justice aspects of wildland fire.
The successful candidate will join the Western Forest and Fire Initiative (WFFI), an interdisciplinary working
group of faculty, students, and postdocs who aim to understand and develop strategies for managing forests, fire,
and communities in the western US as an integrated social-environmental system (SES). The fellow will undertake
a one-year focused research project that culminates in a practical policy recommendation and a published
manuscript in a scholarly journal. The project will entail an in-depth investigation of one aspect of the relationship
between wildland fire, smoke, and human health that also recognizes larger complex system dynamics. The
research question and analytical approach will be identified and developed in collaboration with faculty,
practitioners and thought leaders convened through the WFFI in spring and summer 2022.