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Aal, Bill  Tools for Change
global drivers of change, community based / participatory research, evaluation and monitoring
Abdelmeguid,   Centre for Environment and Development for the Arab Region and Europe
Socio-ecologic resilience; Adaptive capacity; governance; resilient cities
Abebe, Dawit  University of Greenwich
dryland; pastoral system; livelihood; livestock; climate change and variability; socio-ecological system; resilience; vulnerability
Abidi- Habib, Mehjabeen  Government College University
commons management; indigenous knowledge; local institutions; global drivers of change
Culture Legitimacy; Social&Environmental Psychology; Global Change; Communication; Resilience; Valuing Biodiversity;Global Pulse;Vulnerability Assessment; Conflict Resolution
Agbor, Kris/K.  University of the Western Cape
Weather; Cities; Adaptation; Ingenuity; Vulnerability; Tolerance; Urban Poor; resilience
Aggrwal, Rimjhim  Arizona State University
Water, Food and agriculture; livelihoods; economics
Ahern, Jack  Univ. Massachusetts Amherst
sustainable urbanism, green infrastructure, resilience in urban environments, applied landscape ecology, built urban environment, urban planning and design
Ahmed, Atiq Kainan  Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC)
Social ecological resilience, disaster risk management, vulnerability assessment, community resilience, integrated coastal management, sustainable livelihoods, IWRM
AKBAR, khalid Farooq  Govt. post graduate college Sahiwal
Road ecology; Ecological corridors; conservation of biodiversity; urban ecology; climate change; enviornmental management
Akenhead, Scott  S4S Solutions Inc. "Strategies for Sustainability"
collaboration, EBM, adaptive management, simulation models, scenarios, oceanography, fisheries
Alam, Mahbubul  The United Graduate School of Agriculture, Ehime University
Agroforestry; Adaptation to climate change; Homegardens
Alam, Edris  University of Chittagong, Bangladesh
Natural hazards; disasters; vulnerability; adaptation; resilience; sustainable development
Albright, David  Florida State University
ageing; complex systems; resilience; stress injuries; stress disorders; veteran; military
Albritton, Nathan  Hawaii Pacific University
community; social capital; network analysis; participatory governance; adaptive co-management; conflict; conflict management
Alda, Erik   The World Bank
Crime and violence prevention
Alemu, Girum Getchew  Bayreuth Graduate School of African Studies
Vulnerability, adaptation to climate change, Disaster Studies, Political Ecology; Natural resource management and policies; Pastoralism, Livestock Development
Alessa, Lilian Na'ia  Resilience and Adaptive Management Group, University of Alaska Anchorage
freshwater, social ecological systems, complexity
Ali, Saleem  University of Vermont
environmental conflict resolution; minerals; mining; environmental planning; nonrenewable resources
Allen, Ben   Boston University
diversity indices; complex systems concepts and formalism;
Allen, Peter   University of Wisconsin - Madison
transportation; infrastructure; transitions; complexity;
Allen, Will  Landcare Research
adaptive management, sustainable development, social learning, participatory monitoring and evaluation, action research
Almedom, Astier M.  Tufts University
Eritrea, Resilience, Sense of Coherence, Social Capital, Global Health, Humanitarian Policy, Complex Emergencies, Forced Migration, Interdisciplinary research, participatory evaluation
Amlôt, Richard  Health Protection Agency
public responses; CBRN; resilience; terrorism
Anderson, Elaine  University of British Columbia
agroecology; sustainability; agriculture; wildlife; habitat; biodiversity; policy; planning; community; collaboration; stewardship

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