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Research by RA members cuts across disciplines and takes a systems approach to understanding the dynamics of social-ecological systems.  RA research themes encompass the concepts of resilience, adaptation, and transformation.  We look at interactions between different levels or scales, from the household to the globe, and thrive on doing comparisons and synthesizing information across different sectors and regions.

The body of knowledge developed by RA members includes thousands of peer-reviewed articles and numerous books.  RA members are based at research institutions in 12 countries, and many have served in leadership positions on a variety of international projects (e.g., International Panel on Climate Change, Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, Program on Ecosystem Change and Society and Diversitas).  In addition to coordinating research activities among members through strategic working groups and hosting an annual science meeting, the RA co-hosts an open science conference on resilience every three years.




Considering multiple scales for Protected Area resilience

A new study looks at how protected areas are influenced by what is happening at smaller to larger scales across social, economic, and ecological domains. "Understanding protected area resilience: a multi-scale, social-ecological approach" by Graeme Cumming and colleagues, Ecological Applications:
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Planetary BoundariesCrossing Planetary Boundaries. Updated research in Science, co-authored by researchers at Stockholm Resilience Centre, warns that four of nine planetary boundaries have been crossed: climate change, loss of biosphere integrity, land-system change, and altered biogeochemical cycles. More info. (Image credit: F. Pharand-Deschênes /Globaïa, SRC for download).



Seven principles for applying resilience thinking, a booklet from the Stockholm Resilience Centre is based on the book "Principles for Building Resilience: Sustaining Ecosystem Services in Social-Ecological Systems" published by Cambridge University Press (forthcoming in 2015). The book expands on an earlier review article that emerged from a project of the Resilience Alliance Young Scholars (RAYS) group.



General Resilience by Brian Walker and colleagues presents insights from a catchment management area workshop in south eastern Australia.  The discussion paper synthesizes components of general resilience and aims to stimulate dialogue on how it might be managed. Read the paper here.


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