Discussion Papers

Discussion papers and Working papers:

C.S. Holling. 2017. Bubbles and Spirals: The Memoirs of C.S. Buzz Holling (Second Edition). (PDF)

Walker, B, Abel N, O'Connell D and Grigg N (2016) A Resilience Approach To Conservation And Development: Working Paper Version 1.5. CSIRO, Australia. (PDF)

General Resilience: A discussion paper based on insights from a catchment management area workshop in south eastern Australia. (PDF) Authors: Brian Walker, Nick Abel, Francesca Andreoni, Jeremy Cape, Helen Murdock, and Chris Norman, with contributions from workshop participants Jeffrey Bell, Jane Chrystal, Gill Earl, Kim Krebs, Tracey MacDonald, Graeme Moss, Carolyn Raine, Jacqui Russell, Paul Ryan, David Salt, Jen Shearing, Bryce Wilde, and Rebecca White. (Shared on 23 April, 2014)