Announcements > Invitation to contribute to a special issue of Advances in Ecological Research

We are planning a thematic issue for Advances in Ecological Research, titled "Pluralism in Ecosystem Governance".

This Special Issue will facilitate an exposition of pluralism in ecosystem governance research,
especially as it relates to translational ecology, i.e. linking ecological knowledge to decision-making and
action-taking. We take an inclusive approach to interpreting pluralism and will target contributions that
view pluralism from different perspectives; for example, diverse perceptions of the nature of
ecosystems, diverse types of knowledge about ecosystems and their governance, and diverse values.
Articles will highlight benefits and challenges of pluralism in the context of ecosystem governance,
synthesizing past studies and literature and including scholars' own reflections on working with
pluralism. Articles will be selected to represent diversity in discipline, geography, region, scale,
governance arrangements, and authorship.

See the attachment for all the details - we welcome abstract submissions to be directed to Dr. Jen Holzer ( by the end of December, 2020.