Announcements > Winter School "Complexity and change: thinking, practices and processes for addressing global challenges (2nd Edition)

To whom it may concern,

We come by this way to call your attention to the CES Winter School "Complexity and change: thinking, practices and processes for addressing global challenges (2nd Edition)" which will take place, online, between the 16th and 22nd of November.

This School is based in a logic of deep inter/transdisciplinarity, oriented towards promoting productive, collaborative, critical and creative dialogues between different disciplines and modes of thinking, between theory and research and the practices that "in the real world" enact and realise, critique or present alternative or complementary proposals to current global challenges.

In this Winter School, we propose to address key global challenges, exploring a variety of critical, alternative and complementary views on how to address their complexity. As such, the School will combine lectures/seminars and guided and creative moments of group discussion aimed at the integration of knowledge and experiences towards the production of new ideas and projects.

We will target the following Challenge themes:

_Being and Thinking Together (in) Complexity

_Knowing Together: Grasping the Complexity of the World

_Living Together: Peace and Communities of Well-Being

_Learning and Teaching Together

_Changing and Acting Together

This School is aimed at academics, researchers, intervenors, activists,policy-makers, educators, doctoral students, and all of those with an interest in participating in the co-construction of new ways of thinking and action that inform the pursuit of sustainable and desirable alternatives for the place of humanity.

Applications are currently open, until the 10th of September.

For more information please consult our website.

We ask if you could kindly advertise this event within your network of contacts and to potentially interested parties.

With our best regards,

On behalf of the coordination of the Winter School,

Ana Teixeira de Melo and Rita Campos