Social ecological dynamics in the Anthropocene 

There is still time to register (until 18 September) for the PECS 2015 conference in Stellenbosch, South Africa 3 - 5 November 2015. Keynote speakers include Carl Folke, Science Director at the Stockholm Resilience Centre and Stephen Carpenter, a leader of whole system experiments and adaptive ecosystem management. Visit the conference website


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New book linking complexity, resilience, and conservation

The Science of Open Spaces by Charles Curtin draws on years of experience working with ranchers and the Maipai Borderlands Group of the American Southwest and fishermen in the Gulf of Maine.  Grounded in theory, with case studies and examples, the book is accessible to a broad audience.  For more information:



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Adaptive Management of Social-ecological Systems

Edited by Craig Allen and Ahjond Garmestani, this new collection of writing on adaptive management in the context of integrated social-ecological systems, includes a personal history of adaptive management by C.S. Holling. For more information visit the publisher's website.



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The Resilience Adaptation Transformation Assessment and Learning Framework (RATALF)

A new framework developed by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Oranisation (CSIRO) in partnership with STAP, builds on the Resilience Assessment approach by identifying indicators for monitoring progress toward resilience goals.  Read more.




Operationalizing the social-ecological systems framework to assess sustainability 

In a recently published paper in PNAS that applies the SES framework to small-scale fisheries in Baja California, Heather Leslie, Xavier Basurto and colleagues operationalize Ostrom's framework in a spatially explicit, quantitative and qualitative manner. Read more.


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Principles for Building Resilience: Sustaining Ecosystem Services in Social-Ecological Systems 

Edited by Reinette Biggs, Maja Schluter, and Michael Schoon, with contributions from many Resilience Alliance researchers. Now available for purchasing from Cambridge University Press



Considering multiple scales for Protected Area resilience

A new study looks at how protected areas are influenced by what is happening at smaller to larger scales across social, economic, and ecological domains. "Understanding protected area resilience: a multi-scale, social-ecological approach" by Graeme Cumming and colleagues in Ecological Applications. Read more.


Crossing Planetary Boundaries. Updated research published in Science and co-authored by researchers at Stockholm Resilience Centre, warns that four of nine planetary boundaries have been crossed: climate change, loss of biosphere integrity, land-system change, and altered biogeochemical cycles. More info. (Image credit: F. Pharand-Deschênes /Globaïa, SRC for download).


MPAs and resilient human-ocean systems.
 A new report co-authored by RA members Anne Soloman and Natalie Ban, synthesizes principles from peer-reviewed literature on the design of MPAs to meet ecological, governance, and social goals, and to advance knowledge integration in the design and management of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). Marine Protected Area Network Design Features That Support Resilient Human-Ocean Systems (Burt et al. 2015) includes a discussion of how the design principles apply to the Pacific region of British Columbia, Canada. 


Achieving ecological restoration by working with local people: a Chinese scholar seeks win-win paths (Zheng & Wang 2014). The Science and Practice of Ecology & Society Award is given annually to the individual or organization that is the most effective in bringing transdisciplinary science of the interactions of ecology and society into practice. (Collected papers)





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